Mistral: an interesting Webinar for the final event

The Mistral project has been completed and for the occasion, on November 23, 2020, Cineca, Arpae, Arpa Piemonte, Department of Civil Protection, Dedagroup and ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) organized an interesting webinar in which the functionalities of the portal were illustrated, with observational data of the t Thirteen regions that have joined the project, through the National Civil Protection Department, the data of the forecasting models, the results achieved, the maps, the downloads and everything that is available on the portal. The event was held online and was part of the European Research Night 2020 initiatives. The Mistral Webinar was attended by many of the participants of the Hackathon last May 2019 and other guests. The meeting saw important speeches by Carlo Cacciamani, Arpae and coordinator of the Steering Committee for Meteorology and Climatology of the Agency ItaliaMeteo, Gabriella Scipione and Sanzio Bassini (CINECA), Davide Cesari (Arpae), Andrea Montani (ECMWF), Tiziana Paccagnella (Arpae), Luca Delli

Passeri/Andrea Pieralice (DPC), Renata Pelosini and Paolo Bertolotto (Arpa Piemonte) and Martina Forconi (Dedagroup). The Webinar was also a valuable opportunity to gather ideas and ideas for further implementation in a way that is useful and effective for the entire community of potential users. The content of the meeting has been made available to the participants and is available on the Mistral portal and, of course, on the partner sites.

The MISTRAL project, which started in October 2018 and ended in January 2021, aimed to create a nationwide meteorological open data portal (MISTRAL), making available to users observational data, meteorological forecasts and analyses, maps and numerical data produced by numerical modelling and its post-processing. A national meteorological portal which in the future will be a single reference for access to meteorological information for national and international users, data and service providers.

Meteo Hub release 0.4.0 is online

With new realese 0.4.0 new features are added:

  • User profiles configuration: abilitation to post-processing, to scheduling, to view observed archive, max templates, max output size,requests per hour, account expiration date
  • Self-registration
  • Query clone
  • Obs map: add hourly view
  • Quality control filter for Observed dataset both in Obs maps and in Data Extraction
  • Open Datasets: allow scheduled extractions of packaged data for public access
  • Static IFF maps: added 70, 80, 90, 95 percentiles
  • Static Forecasts maps: added Accumulated total prec. 12h and 24h
  • Static and Multi-layer Forecasts maps: added Pressure at mean sea level (hPa)
  • Enhancement in multi-layer maps
  • Documentation of the Mistral components
  • Bug fixing”

New dataset added

A new data flow has been integrated into Meteo Hub from February 2021: the observational data of Meteonetwork stations for the same regions for which the DPC network data flow of regional ground stations is already active.

Continuity of the service

Thanks to the agreement between Arpae Emilia Romagna, Arpa Piemonte, Civil Protection Department and Cineca, the continuity of the service and its development for the Meteo-Hub (2021-2022) platform has been ensured for the next two years.

Mistral at Webinar “Satellite data: a new business opportunity”

On 29 January 2021, Mistral was presented at the webinar “Satellite data: a new business opportunity”, organised by Clust-ER Innovation in Services (available on https://innovate.clust-er.it/). During the event, in addition to a speech by the Italian Space Agency, some business experiences were also discussed, including Cineca’s experience with the Meteo-Hub platform.

III AISAM National Congress

The 3rd National Congress of the Italian Association of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology – AISAM will take place from 9 to 12 February 2021 on the theme “The challenge of open data: opportunities and problems”. During the conference, in the session “POSTER: Observations, Forecasts”, the Italian national open-data meteorological portal MISTRAL will be presented. Mistral will also be hosted in a dedicated virtual room, for which a POSTER has been prepared that graphically summarizes the main features of the project, the objectives and the results obtained.