MeteoHub arrives at release 0.4.9, bringing a number of fetures and improvements.

Past forecasts Unveiled:

One of the standout features of Meteohub 0.4.9 is the ability to view forecasts generated over the previous five days directly on static maps. Responding to user demands, this enhancement provides a comprehensive overview of past predictions, offering valuable insights for meteorological analysis. Explore the feature here.

Home Page Overhaul:

Meteohub’s homepage has undergone a significant facelift, shifting from a dataset list to the Multi-layer view of COSMO-2I. This redesign promises a more engaging and informative entry point for users. Experience the updated homepage here.

Effortless Multi-layer Selection:

Navigating through the multi-layer view has become even more user-friendly. In selectors like Precipitation, users can now directly click on a value, such as 6H, streamlining the selection process without the need to click on an icon. Explore the improved multi-layer visualization here.

Continual Refinement:

Alongside these major updates, Meteohub 0.4.9 introduces a host of minor improvements aimed at refining the user experience. From enhanced functionality to smoother navigation, these subtle changes contribute to making Meteohub a more powerful and user-friendly tool for weather analysis.