The “Downscaling of ERA5 @2.2 km over Italy” dataset was updated with data from the years 2021 and 2022.

The dataset is available on the Highlander platform at this link.

To extract the data, it is necessary to request credentials by writing to:

This new dataset for recent climate was developed within the Highlander project by dynamically downscaling ERA5 reanalysis, originally available at ≃31 km horizontal resolution, to ≃2.2 km resolution (i.e., convection permitting scale). Dynamical downscaling was applied through Regional Climate Model (RCM) COSMO5.0_CLM9 and INT2LM 2.06.

The temporal resolution of output is hourly (like for ERA5).

Runs cover the whole Italian territory to provide a very detailed (in terms of space–time resolution) and comprehensive (in terms of meteorological fields) dataset of climatological data for the last 42 years: 01/1981-12/2022.