New datasets

New datasets based on ICON (no open license) and SWAN models have been added, and on-data-ready options have been enabled for datasets based on these models.

This will allow the new models ICON_2I_RUC and ICON_2I_FCENS to be made available shortly.

  • ICON_2I_RUC includes very short-term forecasts made on a three-hourly basis (03, 06, 09 UTC etc. excluding 00 and 12 o’clock), with a 24-hour time horizon
  • The ICON_2I_FCENS dataset contains the data produced by the icon-2I operating procedure during the daily run of short-term (+51 hours) ensemble forecast initialized at 21 UTC. The dataset includes both the data from individual ensemble members and the probabilities, calculated over the entire ensemble, of exceeding some predefined thresholds for cumulative precipitation and wind.

The COSMO_2I_RUC (Rapid update Cycle) model, COSMO_2I_FCENS (Forecast Ensemble) and IFF( Italy Flash Flood) are no longer available in this release.

New APIs

New APIs have been developed that allow downloading open-data packages using dataset name, reference date, and/or run as search keywords. The User guide has been updated with information for using the new APIs.