A new set of products based on the Moloch, Bolam and Globo models have been released on the dds Meteo-hub platform. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Moloch_full_res: This product offers Moloch’s high-resolution forecasts on a 1.5-km density grid, providing hourly updates on surface variables.

  • Moloch_degrad_res: Taking advantage of a resolution grid with variable data points, Moloch_degrad_res updates all major weather variables every three hours. It adopts a thinned resolution grid, basically a “yes” point and a “no” point.

  • Bolam: Bolam forecasts, with an impressive 8 km resolution, provide comprehensive updates on all relevant weather variables every three hours.

  • Blended_precip: Blended_precip is a synthetic product that combines the capabilities of Bolam and Moloch. It offers mixed precipitation forecasts on the Moloch grid, with variable accumulation periods updated every three hours.

  • Globo_global: For those seeking a global perspective, Globo_global forecasts cover the entire world on a 19-km resolution grid, updating important weather variables every 12 hours.

  • Globo_eu: Focusing on the Euro-Atlantic region, Globo_eu forecasts include all major variables, with updates available every six hours.

Initially, these products will be available as raw data, intended for professionals and researchers who need direct access to information for their specific applications. However, there are plans to introduce user-friendly visualization maps soon, making the data more accessible to the public.