A new version of Meteo Hub has been released. It contains new features that complement what was expected in the two-year project.

Meteo Hub continues as a service and will involve new developments and the integration of new datasets.

The new features added are:

User profiles configuration:

abilitation to

  • post-processing,
  • to scheduling,
  • to view observed archive,
  • max templates,
  • max output size,
  • requests per hour,
  • account expiration date

  • Self-registration
  • Query clone
  • Obs map: add hourly view
  • Quality control filter for Observed dataset both in Obs maps and in Data Extraction
  • Open Datasets: allow scheduled extractions of packaged data for public access
  • Static IFF maps: added 70, 80, 90, 95 percentiles
  • Enhancement in multi-layer maps
  • Documentation of the Mistral components

New dataset added

A new data flow has been integrated into Meteo Hub from February 2021: the observational data of Meteonetwork stations for the same regions for which the DPC network data flow of regional ground stations is already active.