Speech by Arpa Piemonte at the 2nd AISAM Congress

On the occasion of the 2nd AISAM congress, which was held in Naples from 24 to 26 September 2019, Arpa Piemonte presented “Post-processing of meteorological data for the creation of services to users in the MISTRAL project”

The presentation aroused great interest among different types of users, from forecasters of regional weather services to private individuals working in the energy sector. Some questions have been asked about the actual availability of the data, observed and expected, on the type of formatting and export methods, and on the use of some of the post-processing products presented, such as the Multimodel SuperEnsemble and the boxplot of the QPF.

A request was also made to use the Mistral portal in order to make available to all users the MERIDA database developed by RSE, which consists of meteorological re-analyzes at 4 km across Italy obtained using the WRF model

MEteorological Reanalysis Italian DAtaset (MERIDA)