Videos of the recordings made during the training sessions on the use of the Meteo Hub platform held in June 2021 are available.
The video material is divided into individual modules in order to allow easier consultation based on interest.

Introduction to the course – Davide Cesari  Arpae

Modulo 1 HPC Infrastructure Gian Franco Marras – Cineca

Modulo 2 Overview on Meteo Hub – Luca Delli Passeri – DPC

Modulo 3 e 4 Data extraction with filters and postprocessing – Davide Cesari Arpae

Modulo 5 Italy Flash Flood – Andrea Montani – Ecmwf Luca Delli Passeri- DPC

Modulo 6  Multimodel SuperEnsemble Luca Monaco Paolo Bertolotto Arpap

Modulo 7  Radar Data on Meteo Hub Gian Franco Marras – Cineca

Modulo 8 Data acquisition methods Emanule Di Giacomo – Arpae e Beatrice Chiavarini – Cineca

Modulo 9 Command Line Client – Davide Cesari – Arpae

Modulo 10  Map view – Michele Bottazzi – Cineca

Modulo 11 User Profiles – Margherita Montanari – Cineca