The forecast data are available in terms of grid fields, probabilistic products or punctual time series coming from the chain of Italian operational model forecasts and post-processing procedures.

Data are generated in the context of the national LAMI agreement (Limited Area Modelling Italy), signed by the Meteorological Office of the Italian Air Force, ARPAE and ARPAP, that regulates the joint effort to develop, and operationally manage, the national numerical forecast system in Italy.

The LAMI Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) suites are currently based on the COSMO model and include the two series of models: COSMO-5M and COSMO2I. COSMO-5M performs a forecast on the Mediterranean area up to 72 hours with a 5 km grid step, started twice a day by AM analysis and using the Integrated Forecast System (IFS) boundary conditions of the ECMWF.

These data are displayed at hourly frequency as raster map images, both the Cosmo-5km and Cosmo-2km datasets. A static map in .png format is created for each meteorological variable. The graphical representation is done using the Magics package, created and managed by ECMWF. These images are not geo-referenced and the representation of the coastline is provided by the magics package.

The currently visible meteorological variables are temperature at 2 meters, rainfall and snowfall at 3h and 6h, specificity and cloud cover at three levels (low, medium and high). The wind is represented both in direction and in intensity.